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Spiritual Growth Monthly October 2017: “The Ancient Science of Conscious Breathing”

This month, we explore insights from the ancient science of Conscious Breathing.


WEEK 1: How to Breathe for Better Health & Enlightenment

WEEK 2: “Downshift From Stress with Coherent Breathing”

WEEK 3: “Use Your Breath to Release Tension, Pain, & Negative Feelings

WEEK 4: “Sleep Better With Savasana Relaxation Meditation”

WEEK 5: “Present Moment Breath Awareness”

Upcoming next month: “Learn Qigong Meditation”

SGM September 2017 Edition: “The Science of Heart Power”

This month, we explore insights from the surprising science of heart power.


WEEK 1: “What Signal Is Your Heart Broadcasting?”

WEEK 2: “How to Defuse Stress Instantly”

WEEK 3: “How to Heal Chronic Frustrations, Disappointments, & Negative Feelings”

WEEK 4: Meditation of the Month: “Welcoming Divine Love & Light Into Your Heart”

Upcoming next month: “The Ancient Science of Conscious Breathing”

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