“Are You Ready to Welcome the Inspired Life of Abundance, Peace, Joy, and Purpose You Are Meant to Live?”

“Are You Ready to Welcome the Inspired Life of Abundance, Peace, Joy, and Purpose You Are Meant to Live?”

Spiritual Growth Monthly is your online community of spiritual practice. We’re here to remind you of your best intentions every week, give you cutting-edge insights and tools, answer your questions, and provide a supportive community to encourage you that you can do this!

Here’s what you get as a member of SGM:

  • Weekly Messages from your Mentor, Kevin Schoeninger, life coach, meditation instructor, and trainer with 30 years experience working with clients. Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge, genuine compassion, and a sincere intent to support your ideal possibilities and encourage you on your path.
  • Every month, Kevin brings you 4 “Weekly Messages” for you to listen to or read each Sunday (or anytime that works for you) — the very best material in the field of personal development and spiritual growth refined and curated for you. You’ll get a wide range of material from month to month — from ancient wisdom to the latest research, along with a healthy dose of inspiration. We share only what is tried, true, and effective–the best insights, tools, and practices to help you realize your Greater Potential.
  • Access to this community of like-minded people who will support you. To interact with your fellow members, you can ask questions and share your experiences in the Comments section under each Weekly Message. Our members are people like you, who are sincere about living their dreams and highest purpose. As we explore this material together, you’ll realize that you are part of a consciousness movement that is greater than our individual selves. We come to SGM to make spiritual practice a powerful force in our own lives and in the world around us.
  • Full email access to Kevin through the “Ask The Instructor” link on our members’ website. Kevin has been doing this for 30 years now and it’s rare that he is surprised by a question! Ask away — that’s what he’s here for!
  • Access to our Guided Meditation Toolkits. Each grows an aspect of your energetic vibration, a quality you wish to embody, or an experience you wish to manifest in the world.
  • Access to the “Mastering Meditation Super-Course,” which will help you meditate effectively using any style of meditation that you choose. Meditation is a powerful practice to release stress, consciously relax, clear and focus your mind, deepen your spiritual connection, and manifest the experiences your soul desires. So, check out this series and ask me any questions you have.

Just $27 per month!

For best results, we suggest 6 months of Spiritual Growth Monthly to really “get it” in your bones!  That said, you may discontinue anytime via our Help Desk.  This means you won’t continue if it’s not TRULY worth it to you! 🙂

So what are you waiting for?

If you want insight, guidance, and support to realize your Greater Potential and live the inspired life your soul desires, click the link below to Join Us! I look forward having you with us here at SGM!

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Thank you, and we look forward to supporting you!

Happy practicing,

– Kevin
Kevin Schoeninger
Your SGM Mentor

P.S. If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime via our Friendly Client Support Help Desk.