Spiritual Growth Monthly February 2019: “Attract And Keep The Love You Want”

Spiritual Growth Monthly February 2019: “Attract And Keep The Love You Want”

This month on SGM, we’ll explore “Attract And Keep The Love You Want” with Matthew Clarkson, Founder of The Mind-Body Training Company. Recorded on the magical island of Bali in 2015, this series was created to help you deeply connect with the love that you are at your Core while simultaneously manifesting the perfect partner you always wanted (or perhaps already have!)  Each session (a soulmate-magnetizing meditation, video, process, or insight) was created in response to Matthew’s romantic interactions in Bali, and, whatever issues and questions were raised by the group attending.  So sit back, relax, listen and enjoy as you become a powerful magnet for the love you truly want, both inside and out!

Click on the links below to read and/or listen to this month’s Weekly Messages:

WEEK 1: Getting Clear About The Love You Want And Releasing Hold-Backs To Having It!

WEEK 2: How To Clear Repulsive Neediness And Attract All The New Connections You Want!

WEEK 3: High-Vibration Attraction – How To Attract The Highest Quality Connections And Feel Awesome Meeting Anyone!

WEEK 4: How To Clear Fear, Hurt And Trauma!

BONUS SESSION #1: How to Feel Whole, Complete, and Worthy of Love, No Matter What!

BONUS SESSION #2: How To Clear Your Blocks Around Pleasure And Intimacy!


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