Meditation Toolkits

Meditation Toolkits

The Guided Meditations in each Toolkit below are designed to accelerate your spiritual growth. They are based on the Core Energy Meditation model in which you focus on your three primary energy centers (Body, Heart, and Mind) and the spiritual connection between them (the Central Channel). Below, you’ll find 4 sets of Guided Meditation MP3s. Each grows one aspect of your energetic vibration.

I suggest working your way through the meditations at your own pace, either in the order presented or in the way you feel guided to do so. If you have been using Core Energy Meditation as a daily practice, these meditations will take that practice to the next level! You can either use these meditations in addition, or pause your Core Energy Meditation practice while you use these and return to it when you are done. Follow your inspiration! And, enjoy your practice!

– Kevin

Spiritual Growth Accelerator

Begin with SGM’s 3-step process to clarify your intention and personal practice!

Rapid Manifesting

Aligns you with your Spiritual Purpose so you manifest what your soul desires.


Clear Quiet Mind

Releases mental stress and negative thinking and activates your Mind Center.

Healing Your Heart

Nurtures self-love and love for others and heals your Heart Center.

Radiant Health and Vital Energy

Relaxes you deeply, heals you down to the cellular level, and cultivates the vital energy of your Body Center

Stress Relief Meditation

Activates your body’s natural relaxation response to instantly release stress anywhere, anytime!